Home Depot Careers

  1. What’s The Home Depot?
  2. The Home Depot all around the world
  3. The company and associates
  4. What makes a good employee
  5. The benefits of working at The Home Depot
  6. Specific programs
  7. Great values
  8. Jobs at The Home Depot
  9. Apply for a job

What’s The Home Depot?


The Home Depot is a shop. Not a generalist one such as Meijer. This is a store which sells home building material and tools. It also provides some garden products.

Because of a partnership with the AARP, the store also retails specific equipment for senior people.


The Home Depot brand was founded in the ’70s by two men called Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank. These friends were dreaming of a huge store, competitive prices, and great staff. With the support from a banker and a merchandiser, they got what they want.

Nowadays, The Home Depot’s head office sits in Atlanta, Georgia State. This is the city where the first shops were opened in 1979. Now the company has got shops and offices in the whole United State and around the world everywhere.

The Home Depot all around the world

The Home Depot corporation is a pretty big American business. This venture works with 400,000 associates all around the world.

The company has got more than 2,000 stores in the US but also located in Canada and Mexico. In North America, these shops sit from East Coast to West Coast from Los Angeles, California to Washington and from the North to the South from Alaska to Texas. Also, there are Home Depot shops in Hawai and Porto Rico.

Furthermore, Home Depot has some buildings in the whole world. So you can find it in Guam, an American Pacific territory near the Philippines.

The Home Depot doesn’t just store. This is a big business too. Indeed, this is a shop for home improvement. But this is a real company. Interline Brands includes some labels such as Wilmar, Hardware express, Barnett and so much more.

The Home Depot has got a foundation too. It works all around the world to provide help, time and money.

The company and associates

The company displays a great team spirit. As proof, on the corporate’s website, we can meet some of its any level associates. Here we can read and we can hear some interviews about their job at The Home Depot.

The community, the team are highly significant values. The brand argues that linking the employees is the best way to offer a great service to the customers.

What makes a good employee

In order to join The Home Depot, you must be someone flexible and positive. The company’s associates are smiling people and volunteers with a high team spirit.

Being a good employee requires a good knowledge of stores and about products. More than just a seller, The Home Depot’s associate has to be helpful with the customers.

Working at this corporation is so much more than just a job. This is a way of life. If you’re a good employee at The Home Depot, so you’re a good people, hopeful and who always cares.

The benefits of working at The Home Depot

The venture offers major advantages to his employees. The entire program is called OrangeLife Advantage, referring to the color theme of the stores.

For example, the company rewards his associates’ efforts and work with a job pay increase according to their performances.

By working at this business, associates may get some benefits such as paid vacation, health insurances for them and for their family (life insurance, home insurance, and complete medical coverage).

Joining The Home Depot is a way to get some discount on the brand’s products.

Specific programs

Job opportunities for military people

The company encourages militaries and veterans to join the venture. So it promotes job opportunities for these specific people and for their kinfolks.


For the students, the company is helpful. An intern becomes part of the team. There are intern opportunities in each professional area of the corporation. An internship unfolds during the summer for 12 weeks. Of course, The Home Depot gives you a salary. The amount of it depends on your level and experience. If you wish to apply for an internship click here.

Great values

The company promotes exactly 7 great values.

  1. First, customer service. Because the stores exist thanks to the customers.
  2. Then, the managers care for every one of their associates.
  3. Some other important values are great relationship and respect for everyone.
  4. The company count on the team spirit.
  5. The executives attempt to do the best thing ever, in terms of fairness and ethics.
  6. To the shareholders, they want to develop an investor value.
  7. At last, they regard for the giveback both to the customers and to the employees.

Jobs at The Home Depot

If you apply for a job at this company, you might work in one of their numerous buildings whether in stores or in a distribution center or in the corporate offices.

For example, numerous of jobs position are available in Texas in Lubbock or Bastrop. You could also find a job in the city of Lagrange, Georgia, in Batesville (Arkansas), in Lodi (California), in Hornlake (Mississippi), in St. Louis (Missouri) and in Hartford (Connecticut).

At The Home Depot, there are jobs like an assistant, manager, engineer, representative, analyst, designer, technician, coordinator or material handler.

You could work in different professional areas such as:

  • retail
  • merchandising (sales, marketing)
  • supply chain
  • corporate (administrative, HR, ops)
  • technology
  • services (including home service and contact center)

Maybe you won’t get exactly what you expected to. But don’t worry about that. The most important is to join the company. You oughta know that the Home Depot’s executives encourage each one of their associates to succeed. For example, some of the employees started as the part-time one at the bottom of the scale. Then the managers encouraged them and offered them a full-time position. At The Home Depot, you could really build your career.

As a testimony, on the company’s website, you could read some employees’ reviews. The associates praise their jobs assets like a comfortable work environment, the everyone’s commitment and the ability to succeed.

Apply for a job

In order to make a job application, go to the company’s website www.homedepot.com.
You can create your own login using tab returning user. Then you could search a job opportunity, read position description, submit your resume and save jobs you’re interested in.

Home Depot career Sign-in

This is very easy to meet The Home Depot on the social networks. You could follow the company on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. There you can make a job application by sign-in.

Moreover, The Home Depot plans a lot of events to meet and to hire people. For more information about these hiring events here.
Regularly, the company stages grand opening and grand re-opening of the stores. There you could friendly discover the company, the shops and the services that provided.