Meijer careers / Job applications

Have you been looking for a job without success? Well, it seems you have not been looking at the right place. Meijer is offering thousands of individuals the opportunity to make progress in their careers.

Meijer does not discriminate any applicant due to his race, nationality sex, origin, pregnancy or any other factor. The company treats all the applicants with respect and utmost dignity.

What are you waiting for? Start the job application right now to join the amazing team in the company.

Job opportunities available

As mentioned earlier there are many job opportunities that Meijer stores offer.

What is the minimum age for one to apply?

The minimum age required so as to work in the Meijer retailer stores is 16 years. An applicant for the managerial position minimum age is 18 years.

Positions available

An Analyst Of The Inventory Control, Production Team Member, Pricing Clerk, Administrative Assistant, Team Leader In The Grocery Section, Shipt Delivery Team Member, Systems Clerk, Merchandise Planner, Fashions Clerk, Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician, Distribution Service, Cashier, Warehouse Clerk, Deli Specialty Clerk, Grocery Stocking Clerk, Produce Food Clerk, Department Supervisor, Human Resources Field, Service Desk Clerk, Systems Clerk, Seafood Clerk, Greeter, Meat Clerk, General Merchandise Clerk, Receiving Clerk Merchandise Associate Clerk, Bagger, Stocking Team Clerk, Produce Food Clerk, Pricing Clerk, And Stocking Team Member.

How many hours do the Meijer Operate?

All the Meijer retailer store operate 24 hours including during the weekends. Therefore, the company employees team members who can work part time or full time depending on your schedule.

Qualifications for the job openings

Managers Must be qualified in the area the position they are to make an application. The candidates in this category must have experience in areas that are related to retail and supervision. They must also be good team leaders.

The managerial position can be given to a member within the Meijer team through promotion after proving the details mentioned earlier. Also, the position can be equally granted to a new applicant. The new applicant must also be qualified and must have a record proving their managerial roles.

There is always an added advantage if the candidate has worked in the hiring section, supervision section, and profit section.


Candidates applying for this position only need to show that they can work willingly to uphold the company’s values and follow the instructions given. There is no experience required.

In Meijer, the entry jobs are many since the introduction of online services and the Shipt app that allows people to order products to be delivered at their doorstep. Also, the different stores always require more employees to help them achieve set goals. Therefore in the entry-level section, there is a job for everyone? Apply now for the entry-level opening.

Responsibilities and Salaries

Management section

There are three sections under management that are:

  1. Store managers

    As a store manager, your main role will be to guide and give the retail and distribution center direction, achieve the set goals on sales and profits, ensure that the customers are satisfied and oversee that the retail chain is open as expected. The salary may rise up to $80,000 per given year.

  2. Department managers

    As a department manager, you will supervise the departments and organize them as expected. The salary is $35,000-$45,000 per given year.

  3. Assistant managers

    As an assistant manager, your role is to act as the manager in case the manager is absent and also offer support to the managers. The salary is $35,000-$45,000 per given year.

Clerk section

  • As a clerk you can work in the following departments; grocery, bakery, deli, and produce
  • You can be shifted from one department to another but the role depends on the department
  • Clerks have the duty of describing products to customers and cleaning the environment in which they work in.
  • Their pay scale is between $ 9-$ 10 per given hour.


  • Cashiers are involved with receiving money from customers
  • They also need to maintain and make use of the cash register
  • As a cashier, you must have a friendly and positive attitude
  • Speed in processing customer purchase and payments is crucial
  • Their pay scale per hour is around $8

How to apply for a job in Meijer

You can apply online for the jobs that are listed above. You will have to open their website and click on the jobs tab.

Meijer jobs tab

You will then be redirected to select a location.

select a location

Select the location you prefer and fill in your details in the online form. Also, you can go physically to the store and apply.

Apply for this Job

The reviewing process is different depending on the regions you made your application. You will have to wait for approximately 7-14 days for a reply. If there is no reply from the employer end you can visit the store to inquire about the application status.

How to create an account at Meijer

Creating an account with Meijer is easy and free. You will have to access their corporate site that is the mPerks page from their website, then you will sign up using your details. After the signing up you can visit the website anytime and login to your created account.

Create an account

Why should you apply for a job at Meijer?

There are a million reasons why you should join Meijer. Here are some of the reasons that make the store ideal for a job.

  • You can choose a store near you in areas such as Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Flint, Rockford, and Wisconsin.
  • Over a 1000 different jobs to choose e.g. more than 20 jobs in stores and places such as Machesney Park, grand rapids, Green Bay, Owensboro, Ionia, Belleville, distribution Tipp city and Mokena
  • Great team to work with
  • Great working environment
  • Many benefits such as dental and vision coverage, medical coverage and disability protection
  • Great rewards to team members for making outstanding performances.
  • The company is committed to maintaining diversity and inclusion.
  • The company focuses on your career growth with their value proposition which has several stages from recruitment all through to growth.
  • Promotes leadership in women
  • Great salaries and incentives
  • Meijer is involved in community uplifting programs through its team members. Why don’t you join and play part in this great work
  • It has great intern opportunities who can have full-time positions


You can contact the company through the calling customer service number 1-877-E-MEIJER (1-877-363-4537) or you can send them a message through their website under the contact us tab.


Applying manually and lack of contacting the managers regularly will always increase the chances of you getting hired. Also, you can show that you are willing to work and have a flexible schedule.

It is a good opportunity for you to work with a company that has expounded its boundaries. Even if you are in a country such as the UK you can apply for a job with Meijer at their outlets such as the Meijer Gardens Center.