How Can BJs Careers Streamline Your Professional Growth?

BJs is an excellent place to build your career and make a change in society. The company ranks as a top employer in the wholesale industry like Meijer. BJ’s always offers its employees with strong opportunities to demonstrate their skills and quickly climb up the corporate ladder. Over 25,000 team members are committed to achieving the company’s objective of delighting its customers.

Brief History

Founded in 1984 in Massachusetts, BJ’s has grown to become one of the top membership-only wholesale stores in America. It’s the pioneer of the warehouse-club model.

It operates a network of 215 stores across 16 US states including Florida (Jacksonville), New Jersey, New York, Connecticut (Stratford), Massachusetts, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), North Carolina (Fayetteville). Its primary focus is on offering incredible discounts across various groceries, home design, luxury, and general consumables.

With more than 5 million paying members to date, BJ’s is constantly strengthening its position on the US market. After 7 years of being taken private, the company has returned to the public market and is exponentially increasing its multi-billion-dollar sales at an accelerated rate.

Business Lines

BJ’s has taken an omnichannel approach to its business operations and is expanding at fast speeds. By offering great discounts for a wide variety of products including fresh produce, brewery products, household consumables, and print out consumables and paper goods, BJ’s is outgrowing its competitors.

It’s entered the e-commerce industry by developing sites dedicated to its exclusive brands such as Berkley Jensen and Wellsley Farms.

The company is also growing its B2B operations which will provide businesses with volume pricing and aims at streamlining ordering and delivery services.

BJ’s has the same approach towards its employees. By joining BJ’s dynamic and agile working environment, you can easily reach and exceed your career goals.

Areas of Employment

BJ’s Wholesale Club provides great opportunities if you’re looking to grow your career, develop your professional skills or if you’re searching for a career shift. If you’re committed to improve your life and make a significant change in the community you can choose from a wide selection of fields including:

  • Human Resources;
  • Marketing;
  • Automotive;
  • Information Technology;
  • Retail Operations;
  • Member Services;
  • Customer Support;

Internship Training Program

BJ’s fast-paced working environment aims at providing you with the best training to guarantee that you strive in the position you’ve applied for. Over a period of three months, you’ll learn about BJ’s complex solutions-oriented approach and acquire detailed knowledge of the methods and techniques used in standard and urgent situations. One of BJ’s mentors will show you each step of the way towards you becoming a permanent team member. You’ll gain on-field experience and understand the ins and outs of being a BJ Wholesale Club team member.

Joining BJ’s Team – Advantages

Joining BJ’s team of more than 25,000 employees involves more than just earning a salary and benefiting from different advantages. When you join BJ’s, you’re getting access to a tightly knit network looking to make a change in the community by offering families the best saving opportunities on the market.

Reserved for members with infants

BJ’s focuses on its employees’ well-being and offers their families great benefits. It’s how BJ’s guarantees that you can optimize your performance without having to worry about daily issues such as health, or work/life balance.

BJ’s benefits plans are flexible and integrate a full range of family-oriented health and care services including medical & dental coverage, family counseling, expenses accounts, dependent care accounts, and health saving accounts.

Additional advantages include various types of insurances such as short and long-term disability, basic life insurance, and supplemental insurance. In case of emergencies, you can benefit from the Family and Medical Leave of Absence without worrying about affecting your career.

As part of BJ’s concern for their employee’s health, you can benefit from weight loss and fitness programs, and aid for stopping tobacco consumption.

BJ’s has created a synergy covering the entire spectrum of employee requirements which has eliminated any challenges which individuals face when joining corporate teams. BJ’s overrides any employment disadvantages provided by its competitors.

The Culture

BJ’s objective is to improve the lives of its employees to help them thrive in their professional careers. The company has created a strong eco-system which revolves around helping and supporting its team members. With a wide variation of career growth opportunities, you can accelerate your career towards your objective in record time. BJ’s is committed to reinforcing its human capital by providing a strong platform to boost professional development and performance rates.

BJ’s has carefully engineered its entire supply chain to maximize the potential of each link by using minimum resources and guaranteeing increased outputs. Sustainability is at the core of all operations carried out by the company. BJ’s has integrated eco-friendly systems throughout its entire range of business activities to guarantee environmental protection. The company holds itself accountable for sustainable sourcing of materials, retailing and distribution.

How to Apply

BJ’s hiring procedure is user-friendly and straightforward. Its online platform includes a wide range of vacant positions which can be filtered according to location and category. Categories include Internship Programs, Club Management Positions, Distribution Centre Positions, Club Hourly Positions, Corporate Headquarter Positions, and Information Technology.

Location and category menu

Once you’ve identified the employment opportunity you’re aiming for, you can examine the detailed job description to assess whether you meet the requirements. You can print-out the job details to study when you’re on the go.

When you find a match, you should create an account on BJ’s online portal at and sign in. By providing the information required by the form including your full name, email address, and password, you’ll create an online profile which will be examined by BJ’s human resources managers.

Career Opportunities: Sign In

You should upload a pdf file of your resume and a cover letter and provide additional information relating to your previous employment, formal education, certifications or licenses, language skills, and job-specific details.

In case you qualify for the position you’ve applied for, you’ll be contacted by one of BJ’s team members who’ll invite you for an interview. You can log in to your online account to check the status of your job application.

If you’re a successful candidate for the job, you’ll receive an email confirmation from BJ’s human resources department.


You can contact BJ’s by sending an email to or by calling their highly professional customer team at (774) 512-7701.

Final tips

If you provide complete details as required by the online form to optimize your profile, you increase your chances of getting hired for the position which suits you best. Working for BJ’s is not just another job, it’s an opportunity to join a tightly connected network of passionate teams dedicated to improving the community.

BJ’s ranks as one of the top employers worldwide and actively supportĀ its employees in meeting and exceeding their career goals. Whether you’re just a beginner, looking for a career shift of a way to significantly boost your professional development, BJ’s is the place for you.