The reasons why you should look for PGE careers

You are looking for a job on the East Coast of the US?
From an entry level to a high level, PG&E drives you.

This company is a big one. For example, about 20 000 people just carry out to transmit and deliver energy (electricity and natural gas).
So PG&E is a very important American business, especially in California.

Why make a career at PG&E?

Numerous opportunities

There are a lot of different opportunities at PG&E.
The company offers jobs in different geographical areas and different professional areas.

PG&E’s offices

The Pacific Gas & Electric company has an important network all along the Pacific coast.

Well, the head office sits in San Francisco, California. There you will find center jobs. But by joining this company you could work in places such as :

  • Portland, Oregon in the north of the United State
  • The state of California in some cities like San Ramon, Sacramento, Stockton, Fresno or Bakersfield.

PGE California

Obviously, the job opportunities at PG&E mainly are for the inhabitants of the East Coast of the United State.

The working areas

By joining PG&E company, you could work in various areas such as :

  • corporate office
  • customer service
  • operations service (one specific for gas and one for electricity)
  • energy supply
  • finance office
  • IT area
  • safety area.

At the Pacific Gas & Electric company, you can work outdoors or in an office. It depends on your specific job.

For example, you can work in business, in human resources, in communication, in the organization.

You can deal with customers if you like to take care of people. You can also apply for an engineer or an operator position. PG&E even looks for biologists.

Advantages of working at PG&E

A career at PG&E means some important advantages in addition to various professional opportunities. At the Pacific Gas and Electric company, you’ll get a rewarding salary. You also have paid holidays.

By working at PG&E you’ll get some insurances. You benefit a good health coverage for you and your family. You have a life insurance. And because PG&E think about your future, the company can get you an interesting retirement.

PG&E for apprentice

You could make a job application at the Pacific Gas & Electric. But you could also join the company if you are an apprentice. Indeed, PG&E develops various schedules to help and to prepare students.
As an intern at PG&E, you can test yourself. You will improve your skills. You discover a professional area. You can join the venture for a few weeks thanks to the university program. Or you can get in the training program.

According to your level and depending on some other specific conditions, you can spend a summer at PG&E. If you’re interested in engineering, then you integrate the gas service, the electric or the information technology service. However, if you search for an internship in general business, you’re welcome too.

PG&E offers summer internships in the accounting office, in the finance one, in the customer service and in the policy office. Also, you can work in regulatory affairs too or in the human resources area. As a trainee, there are as many job opportunities as an employee.

One thing you got to know if you’re a student. This company treats the same way both the students and the employees. That means if you’re a student, PG&E will offer you the same then it does for his employees. So, with an internship at Pacific Gas & Electric company you get a great salary and some paid company holidays. The coworkers give you support and the company will welcome you upon graduation.

PG&E values

PG&E Corporation and the subsidiary Pacific Gas & Electric Company have some great values. The whole corporation wants to make clean energy, to help the community, go on for innovation and give their chance to everyone.

First, as a power company, PG&E is committed to the environment. Indeed, PG&E works for a clean electric power and develops nuclear energy for instance.

Moreover, the company is involved in community issues. So the PG&E managers spend a lot of time and money on national projects that can help American children, students, and families. In this company, a team of volunteers acts in order to help citizens in need.

Also, PG&E wants to innovate in the wide whole areas. The company looks for customers satisfaction, employees well-being with a wellness program. Pacific Gas & Electric fits with the sustainable development goals too.

At last, PG&E considers American diversity. This company is open-minded. The executives want to promote diversity. So whoever you are man or woman, black or white, wherever you come from, whatever you think, it ain’t matter. Pacific Gas & Electric will give you a chance to join them.
The company endeavors to provide job to everyone no matter for gender, age or origin. By the way, if you visit PG&E’s website you could meet the leadership team. Then you see that a lot of the officers are women actually.

How to make a job application at PG&E Company?

So if you’re interesting with a PG&E career in order to begin a new career, in a process of reconversion or for a professional evolution, just click on here.
Once you are on the company’s website you can create your own login for you to check all the job openings that the company offers.

PGE Sign-in

You could also write to the PG&E head office:

To Linda Y. H. Cheng
Vice president, Corporate Governance and Corporate Secretary
77 Beale Street, 24th floor
Mail code B24W
San Francisco, CA 94105.

And if you want to call this person type the following number on your phone: 415-973-8200.

At last, you could follow the company on Facebook.