Opportunities, information, and reviews for Johnson and Johnson careers: a detailed guide

Johnson and Johnson is a great employer. The company helps you build a successful career, full of purpose that makes a difference in the society. Their abled workforce is a testament to what the company can do if given a chance at their table.

The Company

Johnson and Johnson is a frontier in consumer healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and medical device products. Over the years, the company has earned its name as the brand of choice for most homes in the Atlantic, Pacific, and the Indian Ocean.

Currently, the multi-national franchise owns over 275 companies across 60 nations. Here, it offers many job prospects for folks in different working fields. Johnson and Johnson target talented individuals who share the same passion as they do – caring for the world one person at a time.

Business Structure

As a multifaceted company, Johnson and Johnson feature a diverse product line with dispersed operations in different localities. The company thus relies on decentralized governance in its daily activities.

In its company umbrella, each business sets its boundaries and target goals in line with the overall vision and target market needs. As a result, companies get to make decisions that reflect the needs of the market they operate in.

Johnson and Johnson’s business structure allows you to traverse different business models, geographies, and markets in your work path. From business pioneers to fast-growing technological ventures, J&J offers you vast chances to expand your working experience in its family of companies.

Carrier Opportunities

At Johnson and Johnson, there are plenty of work openings for students, recent graduates looking for a brighter way to kick-start their profession and experts that are looking for a job change. As for veteran workers, Johnson and Johnson accord you countless chances of bringing your years of working experience on board.

The company offers internships, leadership development programs, co-ops, and full-time roles across its vast company listings. Regardless of which opportunity you enroll for, you are sure of the immediate and measurable impact on your career path.

Employment Fields

Johnson and Johnson employ individuals in various work fields as their service catalog is vast and advanced. To mention a few, here are the common J&J job fields:

  • Customer Development
  • Human Resources
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Research and Development
  • Supply Chain and Development

Internship Program

The program runs for consecutive 10-12 weeks. They offer you a chance to work on a crucial assignment in a time sensitive environment. Here you gain hands-on experiences from working with various teams and departments in the company’s umbrella.

Qualified candidates must have, a strong GPA of 3.0, be pursuing a Bachelor’s degree or above depending on the type of internship, have strong analytical and quantitative skills as well as excellent communication and presentation skills. J&J interns also need to have a sense of urgency while handling multiple projects.

Leadership Development Program

J&J leadership development programs aimed at university students looking to develop leadership qualities in their area of expertise. They focus on bachelor degree, Masters, and MBA students. PH. D students with a background in the pharmaceutical industry are required to apply for Janssen Postdoctoral Program. Here they get access to research projects on neurology, oncology, infectious disease, cardiovascular medicine, and immunology.


J&J co-ops are programs that allow you to submerge yourself in your field of interest. These programs are both for learning and professionals looking to gain insights into engineering, finance, marketing, and other services. The program is full-time and covers six months. Qualified candidates must be pursuing a bachelor’s degree or higher depending on the application of choice.

Full-time Programs

These are job listings that require you to be actively pursuing or a recent graduate of a particular field. Currently, at J&J the hot job listings are in Data Science, Engineering, Health Technology, Supply Chain, Research and Development, Sales, and Technology.

J&J Companies and Locations

Currently, J&J has offices in Dubai, Kenya, Singapore, UK, Miami, Tampa, and many other locations across the globe. The company’s headquarters is in New Brunswick, New Jersey with the consumer division at Skillman, New Jersey (NJ) in the USA.

As mentioned before, Johnson and Johnson target three key areas in its product line-up: consumer healthcare, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals. Each service has dedicated companies which offer specific job openings in line with their production.

For instance, Consumer companies are more focused on creating successful healthcare brands based on consumer insights and scientific leadership. They may recruit folks in line with their focus areas such as market forecasters and health technology experts.

As for the medical device companies, they are concerned with medical innovations and technologies that better the work of any medical practitioner. They serve experts in neurology, orthopedics, cardiology, wound management, invasive surgery, and women’s health. Their consumer line focuses on vision care products such as contact lenses and diabetic individuals with advanced insulin pumps and blood glucose monitors. These companies target people with experience in these areas of work.

J&J Pharmaceutical companies also known as Janssen Pharmaceuticals Companies of Johnson and Johnson, employ teams that have experience in developing and delivering medicines that met the massive demand for prescription medication.

Company Culture

Like any other company, Johnson and Johnson live by a code of conduct imprinted in their “Our Credo” This unifies the organization as a whole as all companies under their umbrella share a common goal in the direction and decisions they make – improving the lives of billions each day.

Johnson and Johnson is passionate about its consumer line and the well-being of the community at large. However, their first concern is you, the worker. As their most significant assets, the company creates a climate that nurtures the skills of each employee.

They recognize that each individual brings a different skill set, thinking capabilities and cultural background to the organization. If harnessed together, this not only creates some uniqueness but also enriches the company with expertise in handling different consumer backgrounds at large.

Through collaborative bargaining and sharing of ideas across its umbrella of companies, J&J is much able to accomplish its set out goals in global wellness. It does this by tapping to your creativity, experience, and passion for the company.

What you stand to gain by working with J&J

J&J empowers you in many ways:

  1. First, they equip you with training, resources and company support for developing your capabilities and skill set.
  2. They also encourage you to set your work path by taking advantage of the various opportunities in their umbrella of companies.
  3. Lastly, J&J provides you with sound leadership that attends to the development of your talent. This also helps build leadership qualities needed for the next generation.

Hiring Protocol

J&J follows a strict protocol in how jobs application and recruitments are done within the organization. First, you need to explore the various employment opportunities available. You can do this by querying the system based on the location, job description, experience level, and business segment.

Johnson and Johnson Hiring Protocol

After identifying a given opportunity, go ahead and apply online by sending in your resume and cover letter. This can only be done after you sign in or login into their jobs application portal. Be on the lookout for a confirmation email that lets you know your query status.

Johnson and Johnson Careers Login

Johnson and Johnson Careers register

If qualified for the position, J&J recruiters and hiring managers work together to assess your skills and may require you to show up for an interview. You may be informed through a phone call. In case you succeed, you might be called in for a series of interviews.

Successful candidates receive an email offer that states the timeline for response and how to respond.